Rick Hasty and Michael Guenther have combined backgrounds in diving, boating, mechanical work, and provide the perfect foundation for all underwater needs.

Rick Hasty is a certified scuba diver who has worked around boats his entire life; from the family boat as a child, to his first sailboat in 2000, to his very own 49 foot houseboat in 2005.  During that time Rick became involved in a local hull cleaning business when inquiring about getting his own hull cleaned after realizing the amazing difference it made in performance and handling. He quickly became an integral part of the team with his outstanding work ethic and by bringing in additional customers for the local business.  After several years of working with the company, later moving into a home, and relocating the houseboat, Rick decided to take the plunge and start his own dive service business in affiliation with the local diving shop. Since then, Rick has steadily grown the company and continues to serve satisfied customers year round with the same dedication and care he shows throughout all areas of his life. When you talk to him, make sure to ask where the name “ScubaNubs” comes from!

Mike "Bubbles" Guenther

"Serving all lakes in the greater DFW area"

Rick "Nubs" Hasty

Michael Guenther is a certified advanced/nitrox professional diver. In this role, he looks after the maintenance of marinas and their clients, including hull cleanings, prop removals, salvage, and boat dock repair. He is qualified to perform underwater inspections and videos for boat surveying needs. Michael will always put safety first. Having spent 12 years as a diver in the field, he is very mechanically inclined and will provide outstanding service to meet your needs, with more than 30 years of general maintenance and mechanical repair. Before joining Scubanubs Dive Service, Michael worked for a diverse range of organizations, including contractor agencies, civil engineering, and professional catering. He is passionate about outstanding service and making sure the job is done right the first time. Michael truly enjoys serving people. He believes the rewards are endless when helping and caring for others.

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(817) 706-9556